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Mary Ellen Sanger - Flores by MES

Flores by MES by Folt Bolt

I do this for the color.

Maybe my attraction to color had a lot to do with Mexico – as my attraction to Mexico had a lot to do with color.

“Indigenous colors. A scarlet bird on a golden cactus bloom.

A serpent carved from soft copal wood and painted bright green with topaz eyes. A Chinantec woman poised in a crimson blouse embroidered with rainbow geometries that held the history of her family. I filled my pockets with these gems and sank my toes into a rich, loamy earth. I breathed in the scent of freshly opened ferns and squash blossom soup with herbs from the mountainside, set to a soundtrack of percolating marimbas and the buzz of cicadas before rain.”

[from my book, “Blackbirds in the Pomegranate Tree: Stories from Ixcotel State Prison“]

In this book about my unjust incarceration in a Mexican prison, I make no fewer than 250 references to color in 240 pages.

Unexpected in a prison book. Even in an environment not known for color, teals and sapphires and tangerines scream for my attention.

My series of nature and floral prints (and personalized pet prints) was born out of this love of color.

Now in Colorado (after a decade in New York City and that 17 years in Mexico) I grow a garden from seed, for the delight in watching a plant emerge, buds form and that magical flower open!

Grappling with the cycles of bloom and wither, I countered the oncoming grays of winter with printmaking. I already had the photos from a summer’s worth of garden.

I just had to find the way to transform them!

My technique involves inkjet prints from digitally altered photos, transferred to heavy gauge watercolor paper. It produces dreamy prints with a watercolor feel. Now I take photos of everything.

Don’t try to take a walk with me and expect to get there quickly!

I hope that you will find my prints intriguing.

I am intrigued with every one, as nature reveals another colorful side, with a little coaxing my from the hues I have amassed in a lifetime of looking.

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