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Gill Connolly - Rohanna Jewellery

Rohanna Jewellery was created in 2003 by me, Gill Connolly when my oldest daughter had her ears pierced and kept coming home having spent a ridiculous amount of money on earrings, I fatefully said I am sure we can make earrings like these!

A year later I set up Rohanna and haven't stopped since.

I have always been inspired by colour and find putting different colours, shapes and textures together to produce unique pieces extremely exciting.

I use all the best quality 'ingredients' and spend a lot of time researching new beads from different cultures, wherever possible I use handmade artisan beads and support Fairtrade suppliers.

Lastly and most importantly, I set all my prices at an AFFORDABLE level. I don't like to see you paying too much and that way you will come back for more.


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email: gillconnolly@btopenworld.com


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