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I am blessed to have been born into two different and contrasting cultures - my father comes from the oldest city in Austria, Enns and my mother is from the Mamu Aboriginal people (Dugul-barra and Wari-barra groups), originating from Millaa Millaa in the Far North Queensland, Australia.

I have known from a very young age that I was going to be an artist. While also being a book worm and a piano player, art was a world that I frequently retreated to as I grew up.

As a teen and along with my sister, Joelene, we created art on didgeridoos and canvas and it sold very quickly in the little, opal mining outback town of Yowah.

When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I started playing around with the ideas of combining my two different cultures. I had already dabbled in Aboriginal, Folk and Abstract art and I had had a successful first exhibition at Outback at Isa.

So I travelled to Austria for a few months to visit my father's family and absorbed as much as I could of the culture and art. The patterns, gold leaf, the Austrian artist Klimt and the occassional Swarovski crystal in my works are some things from Austria that have influenced my work!

In 2007 & 2009 I had my children, one a beautiful girl born with

Spina Bifida and the other a very energetic boy, and I found myself out of the rat race of secular work and a lot of extra time on my hands (post daughter and pre son that is!), so I indulged myself with painting every moment that I could. I've since joined up with more galleries, had several exhibitions - both solo and group, moved around a bit before finally settling down in the beautiful and inspiring Cairns - closer to my mother's country and family.

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