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Frederique Rouquette

Frederique Rouquette by Folt Bolt

I like colours, links, line and feature, materials, balance, the unexpected, high standards, the quality of presence. .

My topics of inspiration are scooped out from the natural world and its elements, but also objects and places created and customized by man such as gardens, always recognizable by all.

I paint universal places which can touch the heart of every human being.

My search reaches of course to the visible but also the invisible, the force of its presence, its questioning.

In the silence of my workshop, I listen, I receive, I pray, I transform wonder and intangible who came to me.

I like the Beauty which surrounds me, speaks to me, touches me.

I use mainly canvas and paper but also, according to necessity, wood and cardboard.

Composition, line, colour and light are my first tools, and my main means of expression are acrylic and mixed techniques; besides drawing, pastel, gouache, and enamel on copper.

I mainly aim to develop my job as a painter with visits to the workshop and of course exhibitions and orders.

My enamel-on-copper work is mainly made to order.

Should you wish to buy one of my paintings or other kind of work, please feel free to contact me by mail or phone.

You can also visit this gallery for prices.

I also want to introduce my reproductions of cards of art and bookmark, with the use of an artistic support for a completely customized communication.

You will find a broad choice among my paintings, which you can customize with your own text or message, for any occasion or privileged instants, such as Season Greetings, Birthday, Birth, Sympathy, Christening, or simply correspondence!

By visiting the following links, you can access to my work and find out some paintings you would like to have printed on your cards.

Also, I can design for you any kind of logo you may need for your communication.

Find me here:

My personal website

A page dedicated to the cards for any occasion

A Little Market


Personal facebook page

Facebook video



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