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Theresa Shaw by Folt Bolt

I live by the sea in South Devon, UK and I'm never far from the beach or the countryside, enjoying all that nature provides. I have been painting and drawing all my life - it's what I do and who I am.

At present I am absorbed in the use of acrylic inks for their brilliant colour and incredible fluidity helping to create truly individual pieces of artwork that reflect how I feel about beauty and life.

I'm an artist who loves to work with vibrant colour, strong shapes and multi-layered images.

I have exhibited and sold many pieces of art over the last 2 decades - my work resides in private collections all over the world including Canada, Singapore, USA and of course the UK, including working with a group of like-minded artists creating pop-up galleries in my home county of Devon. Teaching art is another great love and there is such pleasure in sharing my excitement and methods in art. I continue to push my work in different directions, trying new methods and ideas whilst always remaining inspired by the natural world and attempting to express that in a unique and personal way.

Enjoy the view!

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