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Beatrice Roberts

I am an artist from the UK who works in mixed media, creating folksy, raw style artwork which has a rough, primitive, naivety.

Working intuitively and spontaneously I use collagraph printing techniques, brushes and sticks, to create my whimsical paintings and drawings which are full of colour and humour.

I usually start a painting with a monoprint in acrylic paint which becomes the body / head of my characters. I then work over that in paint, pen, markers etc making the work quite graphic or illustrative.

I paint monsters, weird people, real and imaginary animals.

I work like this; making a serendipitous monoprint to start off with because I like to let the work itself have a say in the beginning – giving me something to work with, rather than having full control over the work myself from start to finish.

I have just had 9 of my images purchased for the set of a new feature film 'The Ninth Life Of Louis Drax' starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul.

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