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Mirree by Folt Bolt

Mirree is a Contemporary Painter from Australia, a Modern Day Aboriginal Artist from Wiradjuri tribal area of NSW. Her heritage comes from her father,getting her white skin from the Europian side of her moter's family, she is the whitest one in her Aboriginal family.

Mirree has been painting since 1996 and developed her unique, colorful and eye popping style over many years. Mirree's paintings are well-knowned for her brightly colored movements of the native animals of her country. She independently begun promoting her paintings overseas last year to continue her goal in becoming an Internationally acclaimed artist throughout the world. So far she has reached places such as Sydney, Canberra, New York, Miami, India and planes to reach many more places such as China, Japan, Dubai, Europe and Canada. Mirree has already reached great success over the years and has been featured in a range of publications that celebrate her achievements in creating Aboriginal paintings around the world.

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