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Hello, I'm Jill Griffin, an artist living and working in Devon, which is in the far south west of England.

I have been painting and drawing for as long as I have been able to make marks, working primarily in watercolour, which I adore.

I love its unpredictable nature and often choose to work on rough handmade paper which makes it even more so.

I love the translucent quality of this medium, but have also been known for pen and wash work and pastels.

I have an eclectic style and am drawn to paint all sorts of things: from sea shells, to flowers, animals to abstracted town scapes. I also love to hide secrets in work- my 'Surprises' series s a great example of this. I find inspiration all the time from the countryside, amazing trees, the moonlight on snow, the coast, natural objects and the sculptural works of Rodin.

Sharing is fundamental to who I am as an artist and my paintings have travelled all over the world to new homes, which is always humbling and is a lovely feeling.

I exhibit my work here in Devon at various locations and I coordinate a group of exhibiting artists collectively known as DevonArtPop

I also tutor small groups and individuals on watercolour technique sharing my love for this medium, and that is actually the most rewarding part of my job.

I often take commissions and enjoy this , please get in touch if you would like to discuss one, or take a look at my store over on Artfinder.

My mantra is 'share and enjoy'

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