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Lyubomir Naydenov

Lyubomir Naydenov by Folt Bolt

My name is Lyubomir Naydenov and I am an artist living and working in Italy.

I have the pleasure to present you my "Small Art Gallery" project which represents my research in the field of applied art. I make various types of works inspired by different epochs and cultures, interpreting them from today's perspective and according to my personal taste.

My jewels, unique pieces made from copper, silver, semiprecious stones and alternative materials, are perfect for all people who seek originality and quality, but especially for those who consider jewels as a distinctive mark and a work of art to wear.

My decorative items (paperweights, mosaics, mirrors and boxes) are indicated for people with eclectic tastes who love diversity and want to give a special touch to their own personal spaces.

Find me here:



webshop worldwide - artesanum

webshop for Italy and France - a little market

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