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Janna Petrovna - Petrovna Lampwork

Petrovna Lampwork by Folt Bolt

My name is Janna, Petrovna is my middle name and it has also become my brand name. I live in Bulgaria and make glass beads.

I used to live in Russia and had an office job but I always wanted to live by the sea. Two years ago I quit my office job and started making glass beads. When people hear that I'm a freelance lampworker, they often imagine me waking up late, having a long morning coffee and doing other things that can be associated with the "freelance artist lifestyle" (including late night parties at the studio). However the actual picture is quite different.

I work hard, wake up early, work long hours with the torch and on my computer. It's not enough to make something you like, you need to make people aware of what you do and you need to do this as well as you can and even better. I feel strange when people call me a glass artist. I'm not an artist, I know a lot of artists but I'm not one. I'm a craftsman, an artisan, I work with glass, I like that, it's some kind of magic - to melt glass and to turn it into the shape I need. I'm very grateful to all the people who choose my beads even once. It's the biggest motivation for me - when somebody buys my beads. I'm also very happy to work with my friend Olga, she makes very beautiful pieces using my beads, she takes pictures, writes our blog and manages Etsy bijoux stores. Please follow us on facebook, like, share and stay tuned.

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