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Pam Marwede by Folt Bolt

Scintillating fabrics, vivid pottery, delightful painted surfaces. No colour out of bounds; a cornucopia of creatures and plants, patterns and moods.

I was born in CT, and raised in Barcelona and in Southern Spain, where the experience of painting pottery within the bold and decorative Mediterranean aesthetic allowed many forms of modernism and organic design to make indelible stylistic impressions on me.

These influences shaped my approach to the use of vivid colour and lively pattern. My skills were then formally refined in England, culminating in a BA Hons.

Degree at Middlesex, (London) in Printed Textiles.

Upon finishing my degree, I was pleased to be one of the winners of the prestigious House And Garden New Designers Awards (1989) with my hand screen-printed furnishing fabrics (Wall Covering category).

Shortly thereafter, I returned to the States, to Sarasota Florida, to be near family.

The subtropical climate, vegetation and vast marine life had its own subsequent influence on my sense of design and style.

Since my return to the States I have painted numerous custom designed painting projects, in the form of murals, canvas floorcloths, custom hand painted fabric and custom painted furniture.

These works comprised the majority of my body of work.

I began to develop a keen interest in ceramic work as I concurrently undertook an increasing number of tile mural commissions.

My enthusiasm for ceramic work has led me to develop a unique and very personal style in underglaze painting.

My work in this area is identified by its lively, almost folkloric pattern, bright colours, and whimsical creatures.

Love of colour and fusion of materials, pigments and glazes inspires me. I relish the saturation of fibre, wood, canvas, or ceramic with pigment, and the further effects of many layers upon surfaces.

The added synergy created by firing the ceramics in my kiln takes my design work into a whole other realm, as the heat imparts its unpredictable final touches on what I have started with my brush.

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