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Lilach Orin by Folt Bolt

As a child I was fascinated with my mother's sewing room.

It encompassed soft textiles, multi colored shelves and a sewing table with threads and needles. I went through the little wooden drawer of the sewing table about a million times, sifting through the bobbins and what's not. Those "casual" moments where I watch my mom sew, crochet or fold laundry, went deep inside at childhood. I was curious and triggered with creativity. I was paiting and crafting doing my art from early childhood. I later on studied art for ten years, engaging in it to date. I was exploring painting, sculpture, illustration and graphic design. In the last few years I found myself coming "back home". Embracing the childhood memories, and crafting through sewing. Sewing for me is a platform of creating in a way that brings everything in me to unisons. The child, the explorer, the artist, the woman. Using my hands in a simple manner and creating with fabrics and threads gives me a versatility, practicality and endless possibilities. That excites me. I started by creating bags and purses a couple of years ago, and found joy in it. The more I sewn the more I liked it. Then I discovered I like working with my hands in a much more free manner, creating my own unique world, reflected in pictures made of fabrics sewn embroidered and threaded, mostly by hand. I create peaces with a vintage touch, a romantic and feminine style. I guess it's my hand print. I upcycle fabric scraps, vintage and "finds". I like the feel of getting the most out of what I have. creating something new makes me happy and content. My studio is located in my simple modest apartment, In Raanana, Israel. I gather textile left overs and scraps from upholsters, friends, relatives and shops. I love recycling and reducing waste by recreating from what is found. Each peace of fabric that gleams to me, I keep. When I work, I start by going through the fabrics, I find the ones that appeal to me at that point in time and an idea is formulated of what it might be. I begin with a certain composition and freely submit into the process, where it takes me, until I know I'v "done" the piece. My workplace is usually piled up with fabric scraps, threads, buttons, and pending projects. I always have new ideas for the next pieces I'd like to create... I love using textured woven materials, printed cottons, vintage lace and crochets. My designs vary as I do. I tend to minimalism on one, and "detailed" work on another. Each new piece I do brings me closer to where I want to go. Find me here:


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