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Hayley Reynolds

Hayley Reynlds by Folt Bolt

Primarily using the medium of Italian polished plasters, Hayley only took to the trowel two years ago.

She has already captured the hearts and imaginations of the people in Worcestershire, other areas around the UK, and as far afield as Canada and Australia.

Having gained an art degree from Froebel College, Roehampton twenty years ago, Hayley then travelled extensively over an eight year period to indulge her desire for the unconventional. Hayley's work reflects a multitude of life experiences. Each piece unique in its style, embalmed in plaster...a modern day twist on fresco. As a Director of The Venetian Plasterer, Hayley has taken the products to a whole new and exciting level in the world of art. When the mood takes her, she still sometimes revisits her printmaking days, producing colourful mono prints along with the occasional pencil/pen sketch. "If you asked who influenced me, I'd have to say the many great personalities I've met along the way, fused with a respect and love of Pablo Picasso and Ginger Riley's work. I love my work, my family, my friends. I respect the freedom creating art gives me. I've not even scratched the surface of these products yet and have a wealth of others at my fingertips, which is very exciting. I love nothing more than an unusual commission to challenge me...your colours, your subject, my interpretation. "

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