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Hi my name is Yael Falk, or better know on the DIY scene as Yoola. My wire crochet jewelry and home decor creations, as well as my DIY kits and tutorials are trademarks for my love of light structures, colors and infinite creativity. I am a trained industrial designer and have always worked as such. Still, a few years ago, while being relocated to Switzerland for a couple of years (my home country is Israel) , I discovered an eye-opening wire crochet technique that I haven't stopped developing since then. It was love at first sight and I was really excited by making tube necklaces and had too many to give out as gifts. This is how I decided to give it a try and start selling them, I originally opened my Etsy shop following my sister’s advice. .. the rest is history :-) All my products follow the same line of design. "Less is more", keeping clear lines and structures, remaining colorful yet discreet. Intertwining classic and modern and remain light light light. Along the years, the drive to share my knowledge around the world became stronger than ever and the idea that a design I developed in oh-so-small Israel, will be prepared on the other side, profoundly enchanted me. Therefore, in the spirit of a global and green village, and in order to enable people to own pieces they cannot afford unless they do them themselves, I decided to share the knowledge on line. I discovered a new sort of dialog, an exciting new community, which brought out my fondness of sharing knowledge and skills. It is throughout this interaction that I could better understand the needs to be answered. This is how I created a unique tool, the ISK (Invisible Spool Knitting), which is included in all tutorial kits that I have personally developed, in order to teach crafters around the world in an easy and creative way: The tutorials, specifically designed kits and videos, offer to anyone an experience of a personal guidance, with the benefit of having a home based workshop. "Fantastic! This helped me get on track after making a few with the Tutorial, which did turn out great, but after actually watching one being made ... makes you feel that you are taking a one-on-one class in Yoola's Studio !! Thanks for sharing!!! " Getting feedbacks from students all around the world, seeing their finished products and creativity is the best reward I could ever have asked for. What I do is teach the melody and a few of my lyrics, from there I invite now write their own songs. Special offer : 20% discount on my whole YoolaDesign shop with code Y&FLTBLT20 for 48 hours from the post day.

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