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Patricia Tyser Carberry

Patricia Tyser Carberry by Folt Bolt

I have been working in glass for most of my life.

Beginning in the early 70's with stained glass, I created custom, one of a kind and limited edition windows for commercial and residential establishments.

In the mid 1990's I attended a workshop on fused glass, and became intrigued with working with glass in it's molten state. This led to my interest in beadmaking.

Working with glass is very direct and immediate - the ever changing rainbow of color and light continues to fascinate me. You never know why you’re going to get when you melt glass; it’s always a surprise. It’s like painting with light.

The beads are intensely layered and look like little universes in your hand. They are deeply layered, and I like that you can look into each piece and keep seeing something more inside.

I create my own beads by using the ancient technique of lampworking. To make each bead, I melt glass in an oxygen/propane flame, in temperatures in excess of two thousand degrees Fahrenheit. I then anneal the beads in a kiln for 5 hours or more.

Throughout the 1990s and beyond, I participated in fine craft shows up and down the East Coast.

My husband and I moved to Prescott, Az USA in 2008, where I continue to create glass beads and jewelry.

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