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Making art has been Deborah’s passion throughout her life.

She fell in love with sewing at a young age realizing how much she enjoyed making things by hand and gradually developed a serious interest in fine art. Majoring in art was a logical path however, in the mid nineties she discovered quilted art. This was a major connection which enabled her to combine her talents and ultimately propelled her art career forward.

Deborah’s inspiration is rooted in the history of cloth. Clothing and textiles have been in our lives from the beginning of time.

The various materials made available to civilizations through technologies that evolved permeate our lives. The social significances pertaining to cloth and cultures surround us. She has chosen to honor this history primarily derived from the history of quilt making.

She believes that: Making art by hand combining applications of paint and stitching on textiles as well as paper invites us to embrace and see textiles as an art form.

Now a grandmother, she enjoys her free time filling her days with making art, theater and travel as well as teaching. She lives with her husband Dale (retired Navy Captain) and their two cats in a small town on the Kitsap Peninsula in the state of Washington.

She spends most of her days in her studio in her home. The 1200 sq. foot space has windows on all sides and a view of Seattle across the Puget Sound. Life is good and making art is the icing on the cake.


Art is not what I do; rather it is who I am. I am an artist. I love discovery. Setting up opportunities for discovery is the key for me. Discovery opens my mind and allows me to see from a different view. Discovery is my invitation into the world of creating; to explore and take a creative journey is paradise for me. The challenges also present opportunities again pushing my thoughts and observations to another level. Making art is a privilege. I believe that art makes our world rich and glorious. The goal however, is the connection I make with others. Making art is not only fulfilling is it vital that my art is seen and most importantly, owned. I offer my art with confidence and relish in the joy of confirmation that the owner values it as much as I do.

Professional Details

  • Deborah’s art has been selected for National and International juried exhibitions for over 15 years.

  • She conducts courses in her studio, on sight at local and national venues as well as on line. Her online courses are available on the Academy of Quilting.

  • Art East Gallery-Issaquah WA-Artist Member exhibits are ongoing.


Primary website and blog

Second website blog

Gallery affiliation - Art East, Issaquah, WA Online gallery - EDGE group member


CQA Contemporary Quilt Art Association, Seattle, WA SAQA-WA (Studio Art Quilts Association of Washington)

ETSY shop





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