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SUTVERIMAI . Adomas & Lina Art

Sutverimai, Lina Baubukas by Folt Bolt

We are artists family from Lithuania, a country near the Baltic Sea.

We moved from the capital to the wonderful grange surrounded by trees, hills and blowing winds.

Here we create ceramic jewelry.

Both we are metalworkers - blacksmith and jeweler.

But now we both work with ceramics, on our own way. We both like to draw illustrations, make up tales. However, we always want what our customers themselves, seeing brooch, earrings or something else could imagine their own stories... We are inspired by mythology, folklore, ethnology, literature, poetry, and other interesting things .

There are lots of forest , lakes, fields spirits.

We love colours - it creates a special mood, even if it is only black and white. Technique that we use is called sgraffito. This is a unique, needle-decorated engobe technique, where a top layer of color is scratched to reveal a colour beneath. Due to this method of creation, uniqueness is inherent in each one-of-a-kind piece. We are very happy to create what we love.

It brings into our lives wonderful new acquaintance, experience and happiness. Find us here: facebook flickr Pinterest

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