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Edyta Kasprowska - Gajaarte

Gajaarte by Folt Bolt

My name is Edyta Kasprowska and I’m from Poland.

Here, in a small village I have my own ceramic studio - Gajaarte.

I hand made colourful jewellery and ceramic dishes. Polish village, folklore, nature and ethno are mine inspiration. Summer’s walk among fields full of grass and wild flowers bring me a lot of ideas.

I love plasticity of clay. You can make from clay everything what tells you imagination. Wide color palette of ceramic glazes allow to reproduce in clay every color of nature.

Jewellery of Gajaarte is made with precision. It is light and subtle. Bowls are austere and rustic. But color is most characteristic feature of Gajaarte products.

I don’t finished artist school, everything what I know and what I made, is learn by experience. When I finished sociology studies, I bought lot of books about ceramic. Few months after that, I bought small electric kiln, clay and glazes and started mine adventure with ceramic.

Gajaarte is mine dream that comes true, It is mine joy, mine passion.

I run a firm since two years. In this time, mine studio becomes proffesional place. I have two electric kilns, lot of materials and tools.

I cooperate with shops and galleries and realise indyvidual orders.

I carry out lot of ceramic courses.

Find me here:



dawanda shop

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