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Irinel Popescu - Diomios

Diomios  by Folt Bolt

I am very passionate about what I do.

I started making necklaces at a very young age, before going to school.It seems like an eternity. I remember the emotions

Growing up, I wasn't allowed to pursue my passion,because art was not considered a real job or qualification. So I had to go to college and study mechanical engineering...painful...;)) It helped somehow...My huge secret- I was taking art classes ,in parallel, with "the real university", as my parents called mechanical engineering. 22 years ago we came to United States, and I am grateful for that everyday. It gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted as far as creating fashion jewelry. I did not think I'll make this for a living, but I was free to unleash my creativity. I always wear my own creations. One day I was noticed by a VIP and the rest was just travel and doing what I liked. Speaking french and italian on top of romanian and english helped me a lot,too.My love for jewelry made me learn history, geography,more than any school I attended.

Travel expanded my horizon. I am lucky. Two years ago,I had a terrible accident and again, I am lucky .

Lucky to be alive this time. It changed everything.

Being forced to stay home I had the time to think about my passion and it saved my life.When I create, I can't think of anything else...if I can use my eyes and my hands I can't feel the pain so I am not affected by the post traumatic stress disorder. I live in my own world because when I am stressed my right hand gets totally numb which freaks me out and I panic. I am still working on that.:)) On a positive note is all about emotions, caring and sharing.

Now I have time.I chose only high quality materials, and I use a lot of the beads and unique pieces I collected over the years. I still buy jewelry findings,silks,beads but usually to use them for my creations.People are amazing, sometimes pictures do not show the real beauty, so when I get my orders I am often surprised by the quality, creativity and skills. They look like they were made by God.

I am not a very religious person but I GOT FAITH. I can write books about my journeys ,especially Europe and the Caribbeans not to mention the US. All about adornments...and the magic in people, uniqueness,art that flows trough their veins without prior education in the field.(most of them). I love colors.They make me happy. They are powerful .My favorite materials are: soft genuine leather, gemstones,coral,glass and silk. I think of the pieces I create as an investor...concept,quality, uniqueness,skill,versatility and if it will stand the test of time over forever changing fashion. Ethnic, tribal, folk, bohemian...are my favorites....but when it comes to fine jewelry I am obsessed with Lalique and Van Cleef and Arpels. I am addicted to pinterest and I can write about jewelry for days.... I hope you like my pieces, they are made for a powerful, daring woman that can be whatever she wants or dreams.

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