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Lia Melia

Lia Melia by Folt Bolt

Lia Melia’s abstract paintings encompass all the elements that may be expected from the touch of a god.

Her technique, which has been developed to perfection through 20 years of experimentation and endeavor, involves mixing solvents and pigment powders baked on aluminum or glass plates.

The technique is uniquely hers and, she says, will go with her to the grave.

Lia was a personal student of the renowned Romanian Artist and Set Designer Mircea Marosin who taught her the importance of expressing one’s self from within.

“I had a wonderful teacher who taught me that no matter how technically good an artist is, if they do not paint from the heart and soul, they say nothing”

Lia says:

I grew up in a Medway town in Kent, a few minutes walk away from the sea, which remains my main source of inspiration.

The seas moods can always express my deepest feelings. I use fluid mixes which need high levels of control; for more figurative work I thicken the medium, which makes it easier to work. I love experimenting. I live in a small English village with my beautiful young Burmese cats. I love music, walking, gardening, engaging with nature, and I study a range of subjects. Mythology has been a life long love, and very often my paintings are about elemental forces as represented by the gods. Poetry often supplies me with ideas, and it will be apparent to anyone looking at my work that I love Yeats!

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