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Paula Tutera

Paula Tutera by Folt Bolt

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since then I live in Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires Province.

As a self-taught artist and since childhood I used to spend long hours drawing and painting, using art as a way of enjoying my free time and expressing myself.

I attended numerous workshops, courses and seminars performed by excellent teachers and artists to finally find my own style and artistic identity, which main feature is the use of textures and mixed media techniques combined in an abstract context, but often introducing elements from reality as a starting point for further exploration.

My artwork reveals different layers of paint, overlapping of colors and suggestive reliefs trying to convey the idea of asking what lies beyond and to invite the viewer to contemplate in order to discover.

I try to capture each viewer´s interest so each one can find self-identified with its own internal search.

At present, I actively participate in many artistic calls, both at national and international level and I feel very happy with the fruitful results and enriching experience this represents.

… And my own search, in this wonderful world of Art, continues.…

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