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Justyna Sojka - Felt Yourself

"I live in the most beautiful part of Poland - a place called Suwalszczyzna, surrounded by lakes, covered with old mossy forests, full of blooming meadows.

I love wandering about woodlands, picking herbs, admiring the trees and flowers.

All those colors, textures and shapes of Nature in its many forms inspire me the most!

I discovered felting three years ago, and since then I've become addicted to this old fiber art.

Felting is a very long and sometimes exhaustive process.

But at the same time it gives me a lot of fun as well as almost endless possibilities. You can play with colors, shapes, you can mix wool with other textiles and fibers, the only limitation is your own imagination!

It's also a mystical thing, from the Chaos of unshaped raw wool something beautiful can arise, with just a little help from your own hands (plus some soap and warm water :)

All of my creations are made using the traditional wet felting technique. I use only pure wool and other natural fibers like silk, linen, jute, ramie.

I don't use steam, glue or any other stiffeners or stitching. Just raw wool, warm water, olive oil soap and the power of my hands.

All of my felt-works are made as one-off pieces which is why you can be sure to get a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of an exceptional craft."

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