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Cristina Dalla Valentina

Cristina Dalla Valentina by Folt Bolt

Hello, my name is Cristina and I am a painter.

I live in Verona, Italy, with my husband, our two kids and our cat Marfisa.

I started painting when I realized that I could not be just a spectator of the art of others, and that I had to speak my truth through my colors.

The strength of painting thus came into my life, sweeping away everything and giving a new meaning to everything.

When I paint I feel like in front of a mirror, where I can finally see who I am.

I live to paint and I paint to live, and I hope to do it every day of my life.

I use watercolor and acrylic to paint Nature.

I immerse myself in Her beauty.

I listen to Her voice.

I contemplate the play of colors and forms.

I meditate on all that I have seen, by comparing these images with those who are already in my mind: the memories of the past, of my encounters, of my artistic experiences, and of the thousands of inspirations that reach me every day.

And finally I translate these feelings through my brushes in a creative experiment that highlights the evocative and symbolic aspects in the play of the colors on the paper.

My art wants to be an opportunity for you to rediscover a dimension in which to stop, meditate and highlight the connections between your inner self and the life that surrounds you.

I wish my "landscapes of the soul" could stimulate your imagination so that you can fill them with your life.

There is nothing that gives me more joy than when someone is touched inwardly by a painting of mine... then I feel that my art has achieved its purpose.

So come and visit me, and share with me my creative journey!

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