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Andrea Nyeki by Folt Bolt

My name is Andrea Nyéki. I live in Balatonfűzfő, Hungary, and I also paint there. First, I would like to tell you how this all began. Actually, it started when I was born. It is like a challenge to me, I have always felt that I must paint. I have to use up any and every kind of material for my purpose.

Of course, I have my own favourite and this is the oil painting. It is like to be in love with it but I also enjoy painting on silk. I was 21 when I started to use the oil and then I was filled with inspiration and with a desire to create something.

I knew well that I do not paint for myself but for the others. I gave away many of my paintings and I was contented to see how happy I make people with my art. I realized that each of my paintings has its owner and sooner or later those people will find me somehow. 2010 was one of my hardest periods of my life as my mother passed away and I was all alone at home. It felt like an angel whispering to me to try something new and it was the silk painting. It was a great experience to discover this wonderful material, to see how the colour and this new fabric behave together.

Miracles were born and my soul healed at the same time. Since that, I have painted many silks, paintings and portraits. I hope that I can make people happy in the future as well with my art. For me it is very important to use colours in everyday life as they have a special healing property especially, if people wear them. Silk is a help for women in need and it can be an example because of its tenderness, softness and daintiness and it can help living your feminine side too.

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