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Claire Henley by Folt Bolt

Claire Henley is an artist and illustrator working from her home in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Her professional life has been very varied as she’s worked on everything from textiles, books and giftware to cards, stationery and fine art.

After illustrating and sometimes writing over a hundred books for children, Claire was delighted to have the opportunity to branch into the world of fine art about four years ago.

She is now published by Whistlefish Galleries as well as exhibiting in various galleries in the UK.

In addition Claire has produced a small range of her own cards and prints which are available from her website, and she also supplies a small number of local retail outlets.

Claire’s preferred choice of medium is acrylic, but she introduces elements of collage to add texture and unpredictable effects!

When illustrating cards she likes the opportunity to work in other mediums such as pen and watercolour in order to keep her work fresh. Claire is trying to pluck up the courage to attempt some oil painting – something she hasn’t tried for thirty-eight years ...

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Whistlefish Galleries

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