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Ruth Packham

Ruth Packham by Folt Bolt

I live on the west coast of Wales in a small vilage called Borth.

Originally trained as a Fine Artist my work has moved, over the last 20 years, from video through to print making and currently on to felt making.

I maintain a love of pattern, colour and textiles in which ever medium I work.

I have been a screen printer for many years, working with paper stencils printing onto fabric. I print onto bags and t-shirts and create one-off large canvasses, often floral in origin.

I take lots of photographs for inspiration in my work, I also use photographs of my own work to create products.

I made my 1st piece of felt around 6 years ago and have been mesmerised by wool and it's potential ever since.

I create wet felted pictures/hangings which allow me to be expressive with colour and shape, using the wool fibre as a drawing tool.

I create sculptural vessels, inspired again by nature, shells and seedheads for example.

I needle felt creatures ,mostly based on real birds and animals but sometimes from the depths of my imagination.

I aim to be quirky, unique and interesting but most of all to make people smile with the work I produce.

I love my job and pass my passion on to others teaching workshops around the world.

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