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Liat Kires by Folt Bolt

Hello, my name Is Liat, my friends call me Lili.

I live in Matan located 20 minutes from Tel Aviv(when there is no traffic…), I have four wise kids, one beautiful dog and 7 snow white little bunnies, and of course – my husband who rides his bike every morning in the little forest we have so close to our house.

Creativity, fits into every day to day corner in my life, just as the studio is an inseparable part of the house.

I was borne to a South American family, to an artist mother and a father who owned a textile factory.

The brand name ATLIART has been borne as continuance to AT-LI which was my father textile factory name, 40 years ago, in Ashdod.

Ever since I can remember I have been dealing with art, I studied in BeitBerlart college, in which I nowadays teach.

For almost ten years I have been part of the artistic community at the Nahalat Binyamin art market, in which I made wooden products and decorated with collages.

About three years ago I changed direction and decided to go back to my old love-fabrics which enfolded me since I was a little girl at my father’s factory, delicate , colorful, nice and inviting, I have decided to concentrate on working in the studio.

I sculpt with fabric jewelry which are designed and created all at once, influenced by yesterday’s shade of the skies, by the laundry put out to dry by the neighbor and by my husband’s promise for tomorrow..(he promised me daisies!.)

On my work table, my self image table, you can find colorful fabrics, needles in all sizes, one pair of scissors which knows it’s destination well and one that used to until lately, colorful sewing threads, new beads, my grandmother’s old pendant, buttons, pompons and a sewing machine who is smart enough to thread itself!

All in all, ,a table loaded with colors and materials of which, unbelievably – something is created.

My dream: Art for the sake of Art. To touch the material, to seek it, to see the colors, the shapes, to live creation and every time from the start. Not to be swept by the industrial flow even though – tempting.

Each jewel is one of a kind, unique, like in nature. Like us.

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