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Lidia Puica by Folt Bolt

My name is Lidia Puica and I am from Romania.

I graduated the University of Arts and Design, specializing in Design.

After finishing my studies I focused on jewelry and textile art.

In my work I use crochet and embroidery as my main techniques. I pay special attention to volumes, textures and colors.

I try to experiment and discover new shapes every time I create something new.

As materials I use cotton yarn, glass beads, wooden elements, leather and textile fabric which I use to fill the inside of the jewelries. Most of the time I work without having a sketch or knowing how the piece will turn out, this way being able to improvise and be spontaneous.

My main source of inspiration is life and the nature that surrounds me, because I find it perfect as an unlimited source of ideas and a vast domain to study.

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