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Marina Shkolnik by Folt Bolt

Hello! My name is Marina Shkolnik.

About five years ago I saw a product made from felt in a museum - very beautiful carpet. I was very much interested in this technique, began to study felt and now this is my basic employment, hobby, work, love and life. I spend all my time in felting or thinking about new projects. The most attractive in felting for me is absence of any restrictions, frameworks and standard - just follow your imagination and enjoy process! My favorite technique is nuno felting, because just this technique gives possibility to receive such variety and richness of texture. Where do I get my inspiration?

I have tried many times to answer to this question ... the inspiration comes by itself, I take the wool in my hands, I touch it, breathe in its smell, look over different colors and an image of the future product appears before my eyes.

I live in the capital of Russia (Moscow).

My city, as well as my country is so many-sided and various that every day I find inspiration just by walking along the streets and parks. My mission is to attract people's attention to unique and beautiful handmade accessories :) I am vegetarian quite long time. I love yoga, cats, sunrise, handmade, vintage, watermelons, bok choy, turquoise color, white sand, sunbathing, snowboarding.

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