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Sandi FitzGerald - Kitty Jujube

Sandi Fitzgerald by Folt Bolt

I began my creative adventures at the age of 6 when I loved nothing better than to open a new box of crayons and draw.......oooh the smell of new crayons still fills me with the urge to make happy marks on paper.

I studied art at University in the 70's and spent most of my life as a fibre artist.

I wove, felted, knit and crocheted both functional and non functional pieces and sold from my small shop in downtown Toronto.

In 2009 I began painting. I have always been a compulsive doodler and had never really thought of my "scribbles" as drawing.

I began painting my doodles and was hooked.

Painting is my passion! It is a never ending journey full of mystery and delight.

I gave up my shop downtown May/2014 after 13 years, and began selling my art online.

I love working from home.

My cats are happy to have me here as well!

Find me here:




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