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Elizabeth Armstrong

My name is Elizabeth Armstrong and I live in Melbourne Australia.

I am a full time felt maker and mixed media artist and absolutely adore what I do.

I feel exceedingly lucky to be able to work at a “job” that is such fun!

My week consists of teaching from my home studio and travelling further afield as well.

I have been extremely lucky to teach in many cities and towns in Australia as well as teaching appointments that have taken me to the UK the USA and South Korea.

I also work as an Artist in Residence and specialise in Primary level. To see children create with the wool and turn them into stunning creations continues to be a constant source of inspiration.

My work consists of 100% Australian merino wool for all of my felt creations which range from small decorative items to large scale installations.

When I am not working in felt I also love puddling around with paint, papier mache and bits of clay.

I have always believed that if I can create work that I like – then perhaps someone else will too!

Find me here:

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