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Cocuba Design

Cocuba Design by Folt Bolt

We've been working with the art glass for over 10 years.

The atelier evolved during those 10 years, more and more equipment, new places, new techniques, new ideas. Our first small fusing kiln is still doing its job, now supported by 2 much bigger ones. For last six years out home became our atelier. Passion, profession and life tied together. Apart from glass work we are also organizing workshops for both kids and adults trying to share our passion with them. We are also supporting different local art related projects. We focus on small and mid size glass objects for different purposes like e.g. home decor (mirrors, glass walls, plates, etc.), gifts, jewelry and glass sculptures and statues. We like playing with different techniques. In our portfolio you may find lots of fusing, casting, mosaics, stained glass. You will find not only glass but also wood or stone. Our ambition is to to deliver 100% hand made unique work. That's a part of the glass nature - it's uniqueness after firing. And that's what you will see on our pictures. All our glass pieces are made by hand in our studio in Pegow/Wrocław, Poland Monika&Andrzej Wieczorek - Cocuba Design Find us here: etsy facebook website webshop

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