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Silvia Paparella - Mammabook

mammabook by Folt Bolt

Mammabook is a dream I made, and as all my dreams I don't exactly know where it comes from.

But it is there, and is very real.

Mammabook is the world I gave shape to: in words and colours, and I extend its limits every day.

My name is Silvia Paparella, I was born in a town of Tuscany build along the coast. I’ve been traveling around for all my life, and got used to feel home wherever I can find inspiration, and substance to create.

I live now in the green Freiburg, in Germany; my windows face the black forest, and I feel happy.

I draw, write and paint with tiny little details, and every piece I make with my hands and heart is unique - I couldn’t create it again, I can just move on. Use the code FOLTBOLT in my etsy shop and receive -10% discount!








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