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Sue Forey

Sue Forey by Folt Bolt

The medium of felt seems particularly appropriate to me personally as I live in rural West Wales surrounded by sheep.

My home is nestled between the mountains and the sea and a place of great natural beauty.

Most of my work is inspired by the landscape around me and the rural way of life which is in danger of disappearing.

Felt making is an ancient and almost magical process in which I can turn the fleece of a sheep in to a strong fabric with nothing more than soapy water and my own hands.

I like to ' paint 'with fibres layering other fibres such as silk, soy bean and bamboo within the woollen fibres to give the finished piece rich textures.

I also add both hand and free machine stitching to the felt which brings the scene to life.

My work in naïve in style, bright in colour and people tell me it makes them feel happy.

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