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I'm born as an artist, even if my life wasn't always that straight about it. Today I leave in south of France with my husband and three children. It's actually not that easy find time to do all, so I'm quite often working at night! The woman figure has always been central to my interests. I find woman body and soul an endless source of inspiration. Sometimes women represent the connection with nature and the elements, fairy tales, dreams and hope My stylized faces came up quite suddenly when I went back to painting again in 2007 after years or drawing just faces, eyes , mouths and noses. I don't know of course how my style will be evolving, let's say in thirty years time, but for sure this kind of face are my trademark as well as my colors and the main topics that I love to paint. After my maternity experience the mother figure has assumed a great importance. The creative mother who nourishes, that is close to me and linked to my experience represents a very powerful woman. Definetly a source of life and the hope that attachment parenting will help to make the world a better place I'm amazed by the connection I've been able to create over the years with other women thanks to my art. I enjoy working with both techniques oil and acrylic combined. I like oil (first love in art school) for the brillance, the endless shadows of colors that we can work out and the fact that it dries really slowly so we can rework again and again. And I like acrylic for exactly the opposite reasons! They dry fast, you need to work quicly and they're so fluid that the brush on the canvans can really impress the movement. This two techniques are not always easy to work together and require some adaptability which for me is another metaphor of my life. Recently I also toke interest in pyrography (burned wood). Wood is one medium that has always fascinated me and I love how strong the line cames out defined. We'll see how this will work out in the future! Find me here: website blog etsy shop facebook Pinterest twitter

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