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ArianeMariane- art textile/ Paris

I’m a German fiber artiste, living and working for nearly 20 year in Paris / France.

Through my art work, labeled “Ariane Mariane – Art Textile / Paris”, I’m trying to erase the limits between art and wearable. In a slow design process, foremost by wet felting and free motion stitching, I create one of kind fiber paintings and sculptures for body and soul.

As examples of contemporary fiber art, my work can be displayed on a wall or a shelf but most of the time it’s thought for interacting with the human body.

My design and work process is in opposition to the industrial mass production. I pay attention to protect our environment the best I can. Using an ancestral technic like wet hand felting helps me to feel in harmony with my surrounding. Only natural materials like finest wool and high quality fabrics of silk, linen and cotton are used and I pay attention to employ ecological dyed fibers only.

Somehow I’m doing wearable also because it’s useful. In our crowded world it seems wired to me to do art just for display… but well sometimes it’s great to just express myself and doing art for art!

My designs are often bright, fancy and playful. I love life and through my work want to spread joy and make smile. There is no better reward than seeing the happy flame dancing in my clients’ eyes while exploring the endless possibilities of wearing a Ariane Mariane creation. It’s just magic when wearers are transformed into a piece of living art!

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