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Jenny Oldham - Eden Dreams

Eden Dreams by Folt Bolt

Eden Dreams handmade jewellery creates a connection with the natural world around us - designed to bring you serenity, inner-strength and a sense of self.

Designed and handmade in Western Australia, these pieces tell tales from the land down to the sea - each one a snapshot of a time and place, a fleeting idea or an experience.

Jenny is the designer/creator behind the brand and not only has an arts degree under her belt, she has been studying the natural world in various forms since she was a small child.

“In the progressively complex and busy lives we lead, we often lose sight of important, basic things as human beings - who we are, and where we have come from.

Take a step back and breathe… have fun and live life a little less seriously. Open your eyes when you go for a walk….forage on a beach….

I like my work to provoke memories in others, in-still adventure and discovery and have an honestly about it. Sometimes it is simple, raw and tactile - sometimes more complex and perfected, but always organic.

These are pieces designed to delight you”.

Jenny - Director, Designer, Creator.

BA (Hons)





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