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Natasha Henderson by Folt Bolt

Painting is a dance between intent and happenstance. When

I paint, I need to allow the creative process, the magic and unknown, to guide at least some of the work. I like to examine ideas about "what is creativity? How do we do this?"

I have found wet-felt-making to have a similar appeal: I use the tools and techniques I know, and play with the results.

I live and work in Montreal, Canada. I have painted since graduating art-school in 1998, and have been making felt objects since about 2009.

I have accepted commissions for both painting and felt-making, everything from a large mural, to a small portrait, to a series of felted elf-shoes for a TV movie. I teach art and workshops in painting, felt-making, and creativity as well as being an independent curator of art exhibitions.

Currently I paint robins, trees, the sky. Layers and glazes of oil create a sometimes foggy effect; and time is captured within the weeks it takes to create these works. Patterns emerge, and my creative process is represented within these works.

Fluttering time and space together, the robins are really something more than birds… though I really do love birds for just being birds!

My wet-felted goodies are a conglomeration of a few of my interests and passions.

Painted layers of wool form whimsical, practical, or even sedate expressions and objects.

Puppets, fitted teacosies, cellphone “Goobers”, scarves, cat-toys, elf-shoes… so many great things to be created! I tend to make my wet-felted objects in the winter, when I am able to be around boiling water quite happily.

A little-known fact about me, I am a doodler and I love to noodle out cartoons. So, felted puppets are a good way to play with that humorous side!

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