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Sharon Hendy-Moman

Sharon Hendy-Moman by Folt Bolt

Hello! I am Sharon Hendy-Moman.

A Professional Fine Artist from Brisbane, Australia. ‘Drawing steals me captive from the world. I love creating and making stories come to life. I’m an artist with a library full of narratives to share.

Please enjoy my artwork. I made it just for you.

The best way to find out about me is to read my Biography…

‘Everybody loves a good story. Whether it be a novel or a movie or your favourite TV series - it is the narratives in life that join us together and give us our place and sense of belonging. I love beautiful texts and characters; stories with an element of ‘perfect’ about them. A movie like, ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ with its perfect women, poetic dialogue and masterful cinematography ticks all of the boxes for me. Equally though, I have a dark side which deeply admires the absolute beauty in a character such as Hannibal Lector. ‘Perfect’ is the strong underlying theme in my artworks - perfect balance, symmetry of colour, texture and weight. I often marvel at the complete genius of an author to write a perfectly rounded text which thoroughly engages its audience. This is what I aspire to do with my artwork.’

Not surprisingly, in her ‘real life’, Sharon is a teacher/librarian in a children’s library - stories are part of her every day. With such heavy literature influences she finds it almost impossible to produce an artwork that does not have a narrative link. Each artwork connects with either; her own life story or honours that of significant others. Often, the titles of Sharon’s artwork take longer to decide upon than the piece does to create. It is the title that sets the immediate scene for the viewer and holds equal importance in the narrative creation process. Artwork, underlying narrative and title must balance to perfectly support each other. Without each other, a piece feels empty. That is why when you collect Sharon’s artwork, your acquisition cannot be complete without the narrative provenance of the piece.

Sharon was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1968. At the age of three her family moved to Papua New Guinea for 4 years. Upon their return, Sharon’s family settled in Brisbane, Australia. 1986 was a year that defined her life. At age 17, she spent a year living in southern Sweden where she learnt to speak the native language fluently and fostered a deep love Scandinavian design. Upon her return to Australia, Sharon studied for her Bachelor Degree in Sculpture and Drawing at the Queensland College of Art.

As a full time teacher, Sharon has lived for a significant amount of time in Mareeba, a small diversely multi-cultural community in Far North Queensland. It was here that she engaged with local Indigenous artists and the Arts Community to develop her art style further and appreciate the deep significance of patterning in various cultures.

Continually inspired by travel, languages and people, Sharon is addicted to vibrant colours and intricate design. Shades of Morocco, India, Asia and Scandinavia echo throughout her work. Her home is continually filled with exchange students from around the world who bring their cultural inspirations to her table, daily. Sharon’s unique art style is a direct product of her hectic living and working environment.

A busy ‘double agent’ (artist/teacher/librarian/wife and mother); she carries her artwork with her wherever she goes in varying multi-media states. Transportability is the key to her unique style. Sharon’s distinctive multimedia approach including; lead pencil sketch, pen detailing, digital colouration, affords the viewer a colourful insight in the artist’s life. Pastel is never an option. Hers is a life that continually challenges and seeks new directions and new levels of perfection.

Sharon has sold coriginal and commissioned works nationally and internationally to private clients.

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