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Pamela Gallegos - POM Graphic Design

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I am a Peruvian who was born in the US, but then moved back home around the age of 5 where I lived until I was 19.

I then came back to the US to continue my Graphic Design career.

Living in a country with such a rich culture is where it all began.

I started travelling within my country at a young age. During these travels I was completely captivated and “awe-inspired” by all that my fascinating culture had to offer.

I visited mystical and majestic places such as Machu Picchu and Marcahuasi just to name a few. This played a big role in the development of the artist that I have become today.

Travelling can be very inspiring, fulfilling and awakening.

I communicate my art through oil & acrylic paintings, drawings in pencil or isograph pens and then add a touch of digital mixed media.

My art focuses on natural elements in all its force. In most of my illustrations and patterns you see not only a variety of colors and shapes, but also elements of nature in some abstract iconic way.

As well I get some inspiration from different cultures and art movements. For example, some of my work has certain influence from my Inca culture, and native icons, as well from the Art Nouveau movement.

The fabulous colors, textures and shapes I use speak about a wonderful world, a world in which cultures and dreams mix.

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