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Beverly Thomas Jenkins

Beverly Jenkins by Folt Bolt

I was born and raised in Texas, and grew up in a family that engulfed me into the world of art at a very early stage.

Married with children, I now live in beautiful East Tennessee, near the mountains.

I had fallen for mosaics when I was young because my parents made a 7.5’ mosaic dining room table for our family, (in 1965) it is timeless!

But it was not until 2007 when I began doing mosaics – and I just couldn't stop! I love creating with mosaics so much it is crazy!

Having had no formal art education, I am a self-taught mosaic artist. I use all types of medium in my work, such as glass, Italian and Mexican Smalti, stone, marble, copper, beads, mirror, found objects, COLOR, etc., and I am now teaching “Art of Mosaics” at my home studio MOSAIC LOVE and the McKinney Center for the Arts in Historic Jonesborough, TN.

With this art form one never stops learning, it is so versatile & comes in many shapes and forms. I have art work that lives in several states across the United States and at least four different countries around the world.

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