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Hamelin by Folt Bolt

Hi, I am Emy, a.k.a. Hamelin and I'm very pleased to show my work here at Folt Bolt pages!

I live near the beaches of Black sea in Bulgaria.

The sea is my big love and not just because my zodiac sign is Pisces. I'm also inspired from my passionate love for music, cats and from us – women, and the sweet-sour taste that we bring in life.

As a lover of all things knitted – from socks and dresses to rings and earrings, I wanted to offer a delicate, soft feminine bijou in my favorite Boho Chic free spirit style, but in rare and unique design. So I started with a few bracelets and a pair of earrings for myself, using cotton threads for crochet.

Now, pleased from the results, the main materials that I use are cotton threads in different thicknesses, combined with brass or metal elements, glass Toho beads, crystal beads and my lovely favorite lace ribbons!

I play with bold ideas, regarding design and combination of colors to obtain the Bohemian spirit that I love and seek so much!

I can proudly say that my models are one of a kind.

Thank you for reading!

I'll be glad if you find me here:




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