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Sophie Bruen

Sophie Bruen by Folt Bolt

" No two pieces could ever possibly be the same.This is the joy of life,the universe and the 'flamin kiln'." - Sophie Bruen

Sophie Bruen graduated from Falmouth College of Arts with an Honours Degree in Contemporary Crafts.

During her time there,after much experimentation with various materials she gravitated towards ceramics and its endless possibilities.

She has since moved to Buckinghamshire,UK where her studio has been set up at home producing handcrafted ceramics,mostly functional,inspired by the natural world and her love of entomology.

Sophie uses white earthenware slip to create her bowls and dishes.Each piece of work goes through a process of 3 firings.Firstly the bisque fire then onto the glazed work for the second firing.She then applies the designs of which are normally photographic images she has taken and had transferred onto ceramic decals.The final firing then takes place.

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