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Olga Zielinska by Folt Bolt

My name is Olga Zielinska. I am excited to be the first one from Poland here in Folt Bolt.

I make my jewellery with my own hands from scratch, I do not believe in shortcuts.

It took me few years and many mistakes to learn the metalwork, working with silver and other metals, and also to become friends with resin, which is a very beautiful, but demanding material.

I am fascinated with folklore, with its colorful nature and I use many folk and floral themes in my projects.

I graduated Fine Arts Academy here in Poland, in Gdansk, also a goldsmith school. Besides my basic job, which is my jewellery, I am also a photographer, sometimes I mix those two and that’s how my CITY series was born.

Those are mainly old analogue photos from my archive, some of them are not to repeat, so the series is quite special to me ;)

I constantly explore new materials and techniques, I am always looking for inspiration and I hope I will never feel tired of this.

You may purchase all the items with 10% discount in my DaWanda shop (or my website shop) until the end of september 2014, with use of coupon: foltbolt10

You can find me here:







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