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Atsuko Sasaki - Taneno

Taneno Felt Art by Folt Bolt

My name is Atsuko Sasaki. I live in Gifu, Japan.

I received a graduate degree in Oil Painting from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music in 1993.

After graduation, I have continued to work as an artist, participating in group exhibitions as well as holding solo shows.

“I want to create art with wool!” “I want to use wool as my paint!” That is my world of felt — wool art that starts with an artistic point of view. I also began wanting to create accessible artwork that anyone can hold, use, and touch. Your bag, scarf, hat and necklace, for example, could be the work of art. "Carry the art" means to live with the art.

That is the concept of “taneno " produced by Atsuko Sasaki.

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