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Enrika Marozaite - Boho Textile

Boho Textile by Folt Bolt

I am Enrika Marozaite young textile artist from Lithuania. Right now I am studyig at Vilnius art academy.

I love all types of drawings, making art from a lot of different materials, painting on silk and different techniques matching. I think that every peace of art has his own magic.

People whose create something they are like wizrds. I found out that the colors on silk are living by its own life which was fascinating. Every single personalised scarf is different and unique because silk when interacts with color always absorbes the color a bit differently - there is always it´s own magical energy behind and the energy will become your living element that helps you to express yourself when you wear it.

I create wearible art , it is lovely than you can have art everywhere with you ;) I love to use bright lolors, this help me to live pretty beautiful live in these days consumer society;)

Use as many colors as you can in your life, and try to colour your life.

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#clothing #lithuania #accessories #floral

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