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For Your Beads Only by Folt Bolt

For Your Beads Only evolved from a life long passion for working originally with fabric, studying cultural artefacts and finally discovering the fascination of beads.

My love for fabrics and handcrafting was formed during childhood as my mother always had a stash of fabric and haberdashery out of which she magically produced an endless supply of beautiful clothes and accessories for me and my dolls.

Fascinated by this magic I started to experiment with needles and fabric at an early age and as a result trained as a costume maker in Dusseldorf, Germany. Equally fascinated by other cultures than my own, this training took place in between travelling the North and South American continents.

This in turn led me to study Cultural Anthropology at the University of Bonn, Germany. The impressions and experiences collected during several years of intensive studies and prolonged stays in Mexico, as well as shorter spells in Africa and Asia, have strong influences on my work today.

I continuously draw inspiration for my work from different traditions and cultures around the world, expressed in my own designs of bold and beautiful jewellery and decorative gift items made in my studio in Stroud, where I have come to settle down with my partner and two young children.

I use a wide range of materials to create jewellery and gifts, from handmade lampwork glass beads, semi-precious gemstones, natural shell and wooden beads to vintage and recycled beads and fabric to ensure a unique look and finish.

Because every piece is different each one comes with a detailed description of materials used.

For sourcing my material I use an equally eclectic approach.

My current range of jewellery strongly features handmade lampwork glass beads I sourced directly from the producers overseas.

I also use specialist suppliers in the UK and overseas and some real treasures found at local antique fairs and other second hand sources.

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