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Art Fibre DesigNZ Studio by Folt Bolt

Originally, I hailed from Westport, on the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. I spent my working and married life in Christchurch, NZ.

I've always had a love of fabric. Even from an early age I was always buying remnants of material from Dellaca's, our main fabric shop in Westport. The start of my stash.

In the 80's I made lots of traditional quilts, particularly loved the Amish quilts. I branched out into art quilting some

years ago.

Seven years ago I bought a house in Introdacqua, Italy.

My time is now divided between my studio in Christchurch, New Zealand and my other studio in Introdacqua, Italy.

In my New Zealand studio I concentrate on felting. I have a love affair with gorgeous NZ merino wool, rare breed sheep fleeces, like gotland pelt, English Leicester, Lincoln.

Then there are the other fibres, such as alpaca, llama, the curly locks of angora goat and whatever else I can lay my hands on.

The hobby farmers I buy my fleeces from in Canterbury, NZ, produce some of the finest wool and fibre in the world.

I work with interior designers and home owners making high end, home couture pieces, such as sofa and bed throws, designer merino cushions, wool art, etc.

You can view our full range at my shop site.

My studio in Introdacqua, Italy is where I am able to pursue my other passion, textile art. It is here I have gathered together all my collectable treasures. This is my experimental space, where I can dye, paint, distress, rust, eco dye various fabrics, which I then use in my 'textural collages'.

I like for each of my 'Textural Collages' to tell a story of a particular theme. I use many different elements to create interest, texture and surprise.

My work styles and techniques vary. They are a mixture of: textile art/fibre art, mixed media.

Much of my work includes the process of layering and my satisfaction comes from building up texture. I love that time has marked, peeled, rusted and corroded the surface, similar to the facade of a old painted wall or an old relic, creating an effect that is rich in colour, texture and history.

Through the use of multi-layered techniques, I like to peel back the layers as if going back through the passage of time.

This provides contrast and interest and allows the viewer to explore the composition past the immediately obvious central themes.

I am able to have small 2 or 3 day classes at my Italian studio, teaching my 6 Step Textural Collage Artistic Adventures.

For more details on classes go here.

Art Fibre DesigNZ is the umbrella for both studios.

Amore Italia Tours:

Each summer, from June to Oct, I lead women only, small group tours to Venice, Florence and Rome.

These are a huge amount of fun. You can check the dates and prices here: women only tours.

Find me also here:


etsy-Ave's Art Studio

etsy-Art Fibre DesigNZ




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