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Paula Hoyos - Pala Hoyos

Pala Hoyos by Folt Bolt

I’m Paula Hoyos, my friends always call me PALA, I was born in Medellin, Colombia, South America.

I always I have felt very attracted by the illustrations in magazines and the graphic art behind all, when I came to live in Sydney 9 years ago I started to collect nice paper, old book in different languages, it was magic can I have books free or just 1 dollar, because in Colombia the books are so expensive and everyone keep them for long time, “you never cut a book is crime” my mother say, but here in Sydney things are different.

I have a big collectionof books in different languages, children books and any kind the papers with nice texture.

I feel free when I have scissors, glue, paper, acrylic, watercolour, oil pastel anything tool you can paint or draw. I love do collage is really play full technic .

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