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Scottie Kersta Wilson - Image Diary

Scottie Kersta Wilson by Folt Bolt

I’m a visual artist, who received her Masters of Fine Arts in photography and computer imaging from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

My work focuses on war and nature – on the idea that regardless of what happens in conflict, nature and the human spirit ultimately triumph – even as an unintended consequence.

My imagery centers on Asia, primarily Vietnam and the Philippines, because of direct family ties to the struggles, salvation and rebirth of those regions.

My images have transitioned from traditional photo paper, to watercolor paper and finally to silk fabric, a medium which embodies the history and beauty of Asia.

I have participated in numerous juried shows, and my recent multimedia work on my grandfather’s time in a POW Camp in the Philippines is partially funded by a grant from the Descendants of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor.

Each of these scarves has a unique and compelling story – ask me about them - or ask me about custom fabric design.

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